Galderma, founded in 1981, is one of the market’s leading medical device companies in the aesthetic industry providing effective and proven products to meet the consumers’ needs and achieve optimal results. Galderma has decades of knowledge within aesthetic science, innovation, and great expertise with hyaluronic acid (HA). This has led the company to the development of the premium brands Restylane and Sculptra. The Swiss company aims to enhance people’s quality of life through advanced dermatology for every skin.


Fillmed Laboratories

Fillmed Laboratories has since 1978 designed and developed anti-aging products and cosmetic treatment solutions for dermatologists and aesthetic medicine doctors. Fillmed Laboratories are well-known for their expertise in hyaluronic acid and knowledge of high-performance active ingredients, which are the characteristics of their innovative products. The Fillmed range combines products and techniques to meet all needs whether the case is to eliminate wrinkles with dermal art fillers, revitalize the skin with NCTF solutions, or treat dehydrated skin with mesotherapy injections containing hyaluronic acid (M-HA).



BNC Korea was founded in 2007.  With more than 100 employees BNC Korea has become a leading manufacturer of high-quality dermal fillers and medical devices for the aesthetic industry.
BNC Korea is known for its innovative research and development facilities. They create products that are both safe and effective, with a wide range of products within Botulinum toxin type A, HA- & Meso- dermal fillers. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on developing new natural-medicine aesthetic technology to secure patient satisfaction, BNC Korea has become a top choice for those seeking aesthetic medicine built on biomaterials.



Allergan is a global pharmaceutical leader developing and manufacturing the world-known brand Juvéderm. Allergan focuses on innovation and technologies to provide comprehensive science-based products of the highest quality to help people look and feel their best. This is evident in their wide portfolio and best-in-class fillers designed to address different skin concerns and approve the appearance of the skin. Allergan operates in more than 100 countries and they are considered to be one of the strongest manufacturers within the aesthetic industry.



Across is an international manufacturer developing and supplying high-quality dermal fillers focusing on cross-linked hyaluronic acid. The famous South Korean company specializes in R&D, production processes, and quality control while investing in new technologies and materials to provide the highest quality products. Across products are used for facial wrinkle improvement in the cosmetic and medical device industries. They are especially well-known for producing the leading dermal filler range, Revolax.