BCN® Heal (1 Bottle x 35ml Per Pack)

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BCN® Heal (1 Bottle x 35ml Per Pack)


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BCN® HEAL is designed for post microneedling care. BCN® Heal is a cream specifically formulated for use after mechanical aesthetic procedures that can produce alterations in the skin, such as microneedling, among other treatments. Its formula contains olive oil, panthenol, bisabolol (chamomile extract), hyaluronic acid and gotu kola, among other ingredients, which help improve the quality of the skin.

What are the benefits of BCN® Heal?

Moisturises deeply, softening rough and dry skin.

Has antioxidant properties.

Prevents dehydration due to its moisturising and emollient capacity, avoiding dryness of the skin.

Prevents and improves the irritation of the skin subjected to mechanical actions.

Improves the resistance of the skin to mechanical action (such as shaving).

Softens, revitalises and improves the quality of the skin.

Creates a non-occlusive protective film (breathable).

Product Details:

1 x 35ml

4 reviews for BCN® Heal (1 Bottle x 35ml Per Pack)

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    Good service.

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    Good service.

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    Very fast delivery.

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