Lanluma X 630mg/40ml

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Lanluma X 630mg/40ml


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Lanluma X can be used to stimulate collagen production on all parts of the body and thus achieve targeted modelling and improvement of the skin’s appearance. This product is a collagen stimulant for injection therapy that works on the basis of poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA). Unlike products with hyaluronic acid, Lanluma X does not replenish tissue volume. Rather, the body’s own reaction to this substance provides a strong stimulation of collagen production. This support enables the skin to even out medium to deep wrinkles all by itself. Lanluma X is particularly popular for modelling the buttock area, but injections are also possible on all other areas of the body. Lanluma X starts stimulating collagen production immediately after the injection. The tissue becomes firmer, regains its firmness and wrinkles and irregularities are visibly smoothed out. Since no substances are absorbed by the body, this product convinces with a particularly long-lasting result.

The 3 steps to the Perfect Lanluma Result

As this product is in powder form, it must be prepared before a treatment. To do this, first remove the tear-off cap from the piercing bottle and clean the piercing stopper with an antiseptic. Following this, you can attach an 18G needle to a sterile disposable syringe. Draw up sterile water with this needle and pass the needle through the stopper so that you can slowly add 15ml of the water to the dry powder. Shake the vial for 10 minutes and leave for 1 hour. This will ensure complete hydration of it. From this point, the product can be used for a maximum of 72 hours.
Shake the solution well immediately before use until a uniform transparent consistency is reached. Clean the pierceable stopper with antiseptic and draw up a sufficient amount of the active ingredient, usually about 4ml, in a sterile 10ml disposable syringe. The product should not be stored in the syringe after treatment.

Inform the client adequately in advance about the duration of action, intensity, possible side effects and the like. All this information can be found in the package insert. Please be careful when injecting the active substance, it may only be injected subcutaneously or dermally. Before each application, add an additional 4ml of sterile water to the liquid active ingredient.
After the injection, it is advisable to massage the treated area to distribute the product thoroughly.

Minor redness, swelling and/or bruising may occur after the injection. To alleviate these as quickly as possible, an ice pack should be applied to the treatment area, but without direct contact of ice or water on the skin.
The client should massage the injected areas five times a day for about 5 minutes after the treatment to avoid unwanted contouring errors.
A follow-up examination can be carried out after 4 weeks at the earliest, during which corrections and corrections of mistakes can be made if necessary.

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Treatment areas:

Ideally suited for medium to deep wrinkles, as well as sculpting and collagen production of the following areas:

  • Décolleté
  • Arms
  • Thighs and cellulite
  • Buttocks

1 ampoule of 40ml contains, among other things:

Collagen stimulant based on poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA)

Effect duration:

One to three sessions are necessary for Lanluma X to take full effect. First results are visible within only two months. Patients can enjoy their improved appearance for up to two years. Consequently, this is conditional on age, skin type, sporting activity and technique used.

The dispensing may only take place with an original medical prescription. This regulation does not apply to any person involved in the healing trade or health care.
The manufacturer and we, as the seller, point out that an injection of products with and without lidocaine should only be carried out by trained and medically qualified staff.

Area filter: Décolleté
Wrinkle depth: deep, medium deep

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